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Ihpaper 3-seater bench made of kraft paper | Honeycomb design, portable folding seat with three free cushions

Ihpaper 3-seater bench made of kraft paper | Honeycomb design, portable folding seat with three free cushions

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  • Innovative honeycomb design for style and functionality
  • Foldable, convertible, expandable and modular features for adaptability
  • Made from special kraft paper for durability and elegance
  • Comes with three free pillows
  • Suitable for diverse environments: home, office, school, shopping mall, etc.


The Ihpaper 3-seater paper bench offers an innovative mix of style and functionality with a honeycomb design. This versatile piece is carefully crafted to provide portable storage and seating options. With foldable, convertible, expandable and modular features, it seamlessly adapts to various environments including home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, exhibitions, trade fairs and more. Made from special kraft paper, it ensures durability and gives an elegant aesthetic. Its compact folding size of 42x31x8 cm expands to a stretch length of 2-3 m and offers seating.

Ideal for diverse environments such as trade fairs, offices, museums, shopping centers and workshops, this paper bench shows a total weight of 7 kg and a remarkable load capacity of approximately 1000 kg. Their stretch ratio of 1:50 underlines their robust construction. Supplied with three free cushions, it meets both practical and aesthetic needs. Whether used for seating or storage, their adaptability and durability make them an outstanding addition to any space, from cozy apartments to busy office buildings. The Ihpaper 3-seater paper bench embodies elegance, versatility and robustness, making it a convincing choice for modern living environments.

Product specifications

Folding size: 42x31x8 cm
Stretch length: 2-3 m
Material: Special kraft paper
Cushion options: Leather
Total weight: 7kg
Pack size: 47x36x12 cm
Load capacity: approx. 1000 kg
Stretch ratio: 1:50
Free: 3 pillows

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